Our Mission

Universal Retirement is committed to helping people overcome the retirement epidemic in the United States today. Our advisors will ensure that your money lasts a lifetime.

Our team of experienced and licensed advisors will help you in every aspect of your financial life. From helping create a budget to planning your estate, we can assist in each step of life.

We see ourselves as a group of like minded and passionate retirement professionals that have the financial solutions needed today.
Why Choose Us

Lifetime Income

Our retirement planning strategies will ensure that you have an income that will last you a lifetime, guaranteed.

Fixed Index Annuities

A Fixed Index Annuity is a tremendous financial tool that will protect your life savings and provide lifetime income, guaranteed.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an integral part of estate planning. If structured properly, a policy can be used to provide a Tax-Free income stream.

Financial Education

We are passionate about financial education. We believe people are financially stronger when they have more knowledge.

Career Opportunities

We are constantly striving to build a team of like-minded financial professionals to help others overcome the retirement epidemic.

Community Giveback

We are happy to give back to our local communities through free financial education classes, scholarships, and grants.

Our Team

Lance Burbank

Founder & Expert Advisor

Todd Howell

CFO & Expert Advisor

Angela Hess-Welsh

Advisor & Senior Trainer

James Bischoff

Senior Advisor

Takota Batemon

Advisor & Regional Director